K1788 Kipp swivel and fixed castors steel plate, heavy-duty version

Heavy loads can be easily transported using this load handling equipment. The roll and swivel resistance is reduced with this new wheel series designed for intralogistic heavy load applications.

  • Housing – steel plate.
  • Wheel tread – high quality polyurethane elastomere.
  • Wheel rims – die-cast aluminium.
  • Housing – press-formed.
  • Swivel housing – double-row ball bearings in a swivel head.
  • Ball bearing wheel axle bearings.
  • Wheel axle bolted.
  • Swivel and fixed castors with mounting plate.
  • Permissible load 360 – 600 kg.
  • Temperature range: -25 °C to +70 °C.

Order No: K1788.1010004011 K1788.1010004013 K1788.1012504011 K1788.1012504013 K1788.101500501 K1788.101600501 K1788.102000501 K1788.101000401 K1788.101000403 K1788.101250401 K1788.101250403 K1788.10150050 K1788.10160050 K1788.10200050 K1788.1010004021 K1788.1010004023 K1788.1012504021 K1788.1012504023 K1788.101500502 K1788.101600502 K1788.102000502