K0051 Kipp Latches adjustable

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Product Specification Datasheet for K0051 Kipp Latches adjustable


Steel trivalent blue passivated.
Stainless steel bright.

Adjustable latches are secure locking systems for industrial applications. By exceeding the dead center they resist vibration.

After the bail engages with the catch plate, the parts to be locked can be drawn together by up to 15 mm by pushing the lever down. To compensate for tolerances or to create enough tension the bail length can be adjusted using the M8 spindle.
The latches can be screwed down or riveted. We recommend using countersunk screws for fastening the components.

Order the required catch plate version separately.

The retaining force F1 applies to the latch, not the catch plate.

On request:
Lockable version with padlock bracket.

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