K0500 Kipp machinable collet system for self-installation

Flange plate, pistons and body steel.
Seals NBR.
Screws DIN EN ISO 4762 grade 8.8.
Collet aluminium.

Flange plate, piston and body rust-resistant, bright.
Screws electro zinc-plated.
Collet red or clear anodised.

The machinable collet system is suitable for mounting on fixtures and clamping systems. Collets for external and internal clamping can be mounted on the flange plate. The contour of the workpiece to be clamped is machined into the collet. Free-form and asymmetrical contours can be clamped.

The integrated spring package generates a clamping force of 5.8 kN. The clamping force can be raised to 43.5 kN by pneumatic post-clamping. The clamp is released by blowing compressed air onto the lower piston surface pushing the piston upwards and releasing the clamping force on the collet.
Clamping travel 0.2 mm.
Repeat accuracy < 0.01 mm.

Installation dimensions on request.

Collet for external or internal clamping K0502

Special features:

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