K0643 Kipp mandrel collets with side lock

Mandrel mild steel.
Clamping screw carbon steel.

Mandrel black oxidised.
Clamping screw tempered to 10.9, hardened and PTFE coated.

The side lock make these mandrel collets ideal for finish machining parts with blind internal diameters. The diameter “D” can be turned or milled to suit the workpiece ID.

Manual tightening with hexagon socket wrench.

* D min. = smallest diameter to which “D” may be turned or milled.

Expand the mandrel approx. 0.1 mm over the relaxed diameter. Turn or mill the mandrel to suit the internal diameter of the workpiece. A locking ring is included for machining.
The shank or flange is centred in a reamed hole or pocket.
Form A is supplied with 6 fastening screws.

Drawing reference:
Form A:
for machining centres, drilling and milling machines
Form B:
with shaft for holding in lathe chucks

Special features: