K1216 Kipp Locking pins with magnetic axial lock


Grip black.
Stainless steel bright.

The kipp locking pins with magnetic axial lock are used for fast and easy fixating and joining of parts and workpieces.
Magnets integrated into the grip ensure axial positioning and hold the locking pin in the inserted position.

Smooth surfaces and a perpendicular insertion bore have a positive effect on the retaining forces.

Optional retainer systems can be used to make the locking pins captive.

Shear force double-shear (F) = S · τ aB max.

On request:

Other pin lengths.

Order No. K1216.3306015 K1216.3306030 K1216.3306040 K1216.3306050 K1216.3306060 K1216.3306070 K1216.3306080 K1216.3308015 K1216.3308030 K1216.3308040 K1216.3308050 K1216.3308060 K1216.3308070 K1216.3308080 K1216.4610015 K1216.4610030 K1216.4610040 K1216.4610050 K1216.4610060 K1216.4610070 K1216.4610080 K1216.4612030 K1216.4612040 K1216.4612050 K1216.4612060 K1216.4612070 K1216.4612080