K1491 Kipp Hygienic USIT® seal and shim washers

Washer – stainless steel 1.4404,
Sealing ring – 70 EPDM 291 (black), 70 EPDM 253815 (white), 75 Fluoroprene® XP 45 (blue).

With its highly reliable sealing and design that is compliant with hygiene requirements, the Hygienic USIT® seal and shim washer is setting new standards for cleanliness in the process industry. Many manufacturers of machinery and systems for the food and pharmaceutical industries often use standard shim washers or O-rings for screw connections in or on the product chamber. These are not EHEDG-compliant, however, as contamination and biofilms in the form of bacteria colonies and corrosion can form under the screw head, preventing the design from achieving maximum hygiene standards.

The metallic shim washer with a fixed sealing ring made from 70 EPDM 291 (black) or 70 EPDM 253815 (white) provides a secure, cavity-free seal. The Hygienic USIT® seal and shim washer, made from the fluorinated premium compound Fluoroprene® XP 45, is suitable for applications involving particularly aggressive CIP/SIP cleaning temperatures, high steam sterilisation temperatures and process media containing grease. This material has an even larger operating temperature range and is resistant to polar and non-polar media as well as flavouring substances.

Approvals such as FDA, EU1935/2004 and USP Class VI (121°C), plus EHEDG certification, confirm that the Hygienic USIT® washer represents the ideal choice for hygienically demanding applications in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

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