K1596 Kipp Plastic star grip with clamping force intensifier

Product description: Star grips with integrated clamping force intensifier can achieve double the clamping force compared to standard star grips.

Furthermore, this product can also be used by persons with limited hand strength (e.g. in rehabilitation) to achieve comparable clamping forces with less effort. Less effort is also needed to loosen the star grip.

The increase in clamping force is achieved by the integral needle roller thrust bearing, which generates very low surface friction on a rigid contact surface during clamping. The hardened thrust washers are designed for high clamping forces and the bearing with its high load rating guarantees a long service life.

The clamped component is permanently protected by the large, stationary contact surface. A washer is no longer required.

Due to the modular construction many special designs are available.


Version: Metal parts trivalent blue passivated steel or bright stainless steel.
Axial needle bearing with hardened and ground thrust washer.

Application: Machine, equipment and plant construction, rehabilitation sector.

Advantages: Significant increase of the clamping force with the same tightening torque.
High quality axial needle bearing with high load rating and long service life.
The component surface is protected by the stationary lower ring

On request: Other thread lengths.

Drawing reference:

Form K: tapped bush
Form L: external thread

Order No. K1596.206 K1596.208 K1596.210 K1596.212 K1596.306 K1596.308 K1596.310 K1596.312 K1596.406X10 K1596.406X20 K1596.408X15 K1596.408X30 K1596.410X20 K1596.410X30 K1596.412X20 K1596.412X30 K1596.506X10 K1596.506X20 K1596.508X15 K1596.508X30 K1596.510X20 K1596.510X30 K1596.512X20 K1596.512X30