Norelem 21210 Miniature linear guides DryLin® T

The small dimensions are a major advantage of these miniature linear guides.

Due to their ability to run dry and their resistance to corrosion, miniature linear guides are completely maintenance-free. The slider components in iglidur® J are wear-resistant and replaceable. Can be use in a temperature range up to max. 80°C.

  • Material:
    Slide carriage body die-cast zinc.
    Slide elements maintenance-free iglidur® J.
    Guide rail extruded profile EN AW-6060.
  • Version:
    Hard anodised aluminium, 50 μm. Hardness 500 HV.

Order No: 21210-0900 21210-1200 21210-1500 21210-0920 21210-1220 21210-1520 21210-0930 21210-1230 21210-1530

Guide Rails Order No: 21210-0910X0800 21210-1212X0800 21210-1520X3000