K1654 Snap locks, plastic with twist knob

Material:PC/ABS.Version:Black, chromed, white or beige.Note:The flush knob enables these snap locks to be installed flush into doors, hatches and panels.
The catch plate can also be used as a stop if there is no suitable strike surface available.

Flammability: listed UL94-HB
Max. torque to tighten the nut: 4.2 Nm.Type of operation:When not actuated, the knob is flush with the housing. When the knob is pressed, it springs out and can be used to retract the latch by twisting to the left or right. The door latches automatically when pushed shut. Press the knob in again to make it flush with the housing.Application:– Automobile industry
– Medical technology
– Machine construction
– Boat and ship building
– Aviation and aerospace
– Furniture industry
Assembly:1. Produce a mounting cutout as shown in the drawing.
2. Attach the catch plate.
3. Secure from the rear using the mounting nut.
Supplied withMounting nut and catch plate.
M5 screws for the catch plate are not supplied.
Drawing reference:

1) Knob
2) Guide pin to prevent twisting
3) Door leaf
4) Frame
5) Mounting nut
6) Housing
7) Catch plate
8) For guide pin (optional)
9) Cutout to prevent twisting (optional)
10) Mounting cutout

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