Norelem 21250 Double tube linear actuator

Norelem 21250 Technical information for double tube linear actuators

The double-tube linear actuator can be operated manually or electrically. Due to the short duty cycle, the units can be adjusted several times a day at low speed and with high stability. Width, length and height adjustment possible.

  • Material:
    Housing aluminium.
    Precision tube nickel plated steel.
    Trapezoidal thread spindle steel.
  • Technical data: Duty cycle: S3, 30% (at 60 min.)
  • Temperature range 0° C to +60 °C

Order No: 21250-030X300 21250-030X500 21250-030X800 21250-130X300 21250-130X500 21250-130X800 21250-040X300 21250-040X500 21250-040X800 21250-040X1000 21250-140X300 21250-140X500 21250-140X800 21250-140X1000