K0125 Kipp clamping levers 2K external thread

Hard component fibreglass reinforced plastic with die-cast zinc toothed ring.
Soft component Thermoflex based on SEBS.
Steel parts:
grade 5.8.

Steel parts black oxidised.

The hard and soft components are supplied in black grey RAL 7021 as standard.

Where L ≥ 60 mm the thread length is always 60 mm.

On request:
Other external threads, screw lengths, colour combinations and special versions.
Dimension “H1” available in other lengths on request at extra charge.

Special features:

Order No. K0125.10501X10 K0125.10501X15 K0125.10501X20 K0125.10501X25 K0125.10501X30 K0125.10501X35 K0125.10501X40 K0125.10501X45 K0125.10501X50 K0125.10601X10 K0125.10601X15 K0125.10601X20 K0125.10601X25 K0125.10601X30 K0125.10601X35 K0125.10601X40 K0125.10601X45 K0125.10601X50 K0125.20601X15 K0125.20601X20 K0125.20601X25 K0125.20601X30 K0125.20601X35 K0125.20601X40 K0125.20601X45 K0125.20601X50 K0125.20601X55 K0125.20601X60 K0125.20801X15 K0125.20801X20 K0125.20801X25 K0125.20801X30 K0125.20801X35 K0125.20801X40 K0125.20801X45 K0125.20801X50 K0125.20801X55 K0125.20801X60 K0125.21001X15 K0125.21001X20 K0125.21001X25 K0125.21001X30 K0125.21001X35 K0125.21001X40 K0125.21001X45 K0125.21001X50 K0125.21001X55 K0125.21001X60 K0125.30801X15 K0125.30801X20 K0125.30801X25 K0125.30801X30 K0125.30801X35 K0125.30801X40 K0125.30801X45 K0125.30801X50 K0125.30801X55 K0125.30801X60 K0125.31001X15 K0125.31001X20 K0125.31001X25 K0125.31001X30 K0125.31001X35 K0125.31001X40 K0125.31001X45 K0125.31001X50 K0125.31001X55 K0125.31001X60