K1057 Kipp foot plates Type B and Type I

Die-cast zinc.

bright or black powder-coated.

Used to mount levelling feet, rollers, eye bolts and other elements. Can also be mounted to the side of a profile using slot nuts.

Special features:

Order No. K1057.1045902120 K1057.1045902140 K1057.1045902160 K1057.1045902200 K1057.1090902100 K1057.1090902120 K1057.1090902140 K1057.1090902160 K1057.1090902200 K1057.0630601081 K1057.0630601101 K1057.0630601121 K1057.0630601161 K1057.0660601081 K1057.0660601101 K1057.0660601121 K1057.0660601161 K1057.0840801081 K1057.0840801101 K1057.0840801121 K1057.0840801161 K1057.0880801081 K1057.0880801101 K1057.0880801121 K1057.0880801161 K1057.0830602081 K1057.0830602121 K1057.0830602101 K1057.1045902101 K1057.1045902121 K1057.1045902141 K1057.1045902161 K1057.1045902201 K1057.1090902101 K1057.1090902121 K1057.1090902141 K1057.1090902161 K1057.1090902201