Norelem 21322 Roller guide rails

Compact C-profile guide rails with internal hardened tracks. The system runs with low noise even under heavy loads. There is play between the screw and the fastening hole to allow the rail to be aligned during installation. To achieve the desired running properties there must always be a film of lubricant between track and roller, this also provides corrosion protection for the ground tracks.

  • Material: Ball bearing steel
  • Version:
    Electro zinc-plated.
    Tracks inductively hardened and ground.
  • Note for ordering: Fastening screws are supplied.
  • On request: Lengths up to max. 4080 mm.

Order No: 21322-118X 21322-128X 21322-135X 21322-143X 21322-218X 21322-228X 21322-235X 21322-243X