Norelem 21085 Positioning stages rotary with coaxial electric drive

The unit is supplied with the position of cable outlet or control unit as shown in the drawing.

Rotary positioning stages for motorised adjustment and positioning tasks. The pre-loaded worm gear runs virtually play-free. The bearing of the worm shaft offers maximum radial rotational accuracy. Cables can be routed through the large bore in the hollow shaft. The adjustable positioning ring is used to determine the rotational reference point to the position of the assembled part. Proximity switches
can be mounted with the optionally available sensor holder (21094). The suitable programming software and interface cable for the stepper motor with positioning control are available as accessories (25000-15).

The stepper motor with a resolution of 200 increments per rotation allows a single direction calculated positioning accuracy of 0.005 mm. The absolute single direction positioning accuracy is 0.01 mm. The system can be operated with a switch-on time of 100%.

Can be combined with all other parts of the same size.

Step motor: software and handbook

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