Norelem 21320 Roller guide rails

Stamped and rolled guide rails.

The fixed bearing rail is the main absorber of radial and axial forces. The floating bearing rail serves to absorb the load of radial forces and, in combination with
the fixed bearing rail, as a support bearing for absorbing torques that occur. In the connection of the fixed and the floating bearings, the floating bearing rail
compensates for parallelism errors and tolerances.

  • Material: Steel.
  • Version: Electro zinc-plated.
  • On request: Lengths up to a max. 3120 mm.

Order No: 21320-120X 21320-130X 21320-145X 21320-220X 21320-230X 21320-245X 21320-0408 21320-0510 21320-0816