Norelem 21161 Rotary positioning stages with position indicators

For rotation-positioning of components and assemblies. The rotary stage can be easily combined with other modules of the same size.

360° adjustment, no end stop. The position indicator reads in increments of 0.1° increasing clockwise from 0.0° to 9.9° while the rotary table rotates counter-clockwise. A scale on the circumference of the rotary stage is marked every 10°.

The position indicator can be re-mounted in any of 4 positions by removing the grip and loosening the two screws.

Transmission ratio: 21161-08 = 50:1 21161-12 = 55:1

  • Material:
    Body and rotary table Al alloy, anodised.
    Spindle steel, case-hardened.
    Spindle bearing maintenance-free.
    Position indicator plastic.
  • Version:
    Radial play of rotation axis < 0.015 mm.
    Axial play of rotation axis < 0.02 mm.
    Repeat accuracy < 0.05°.
    Spindle self-locking.

Order No: 21161-08 21161-12